December Umrah Packages

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    3 Star December Umrah packages

    Best Seller
    Nada Al Salam Hotel Featured

    7 Nights Basic December Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Nawazi Ajyad
    Madinah Hotel – Nada Al Salam
    Visa & Flights – Included
    Transport – Included

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    Best Seller
    Taiba Al Deafah Hotel Featured

    10 Nights Economy December Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Dar Al Eiman Al Andalus
    Madinah Hotel – Tayyibah Al Deafah
    Visa & Flights – Included
    Transport – Included

    (1 Review)
    Al Ansar New Palace Hotel Featured

    14 Nights Standard December Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Jawharah Dar Al Eiman
    Madinah Hotel – Al Ansar New Palace
    Visa & Flights – Included
    Transport – Included

    (1 Review)

    4 Star December Umrah packages

    Saja Al Madinah Featured

    7 Nights Deluxe December Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Dar Al Eiman Andalus
    Madinah Hotel – Saja Al Madinah
    Visa & Flights – Included
    Transport – Included

    (1 Review)
    Al Madinah Concorde Hotel Featured

    10 Nights Exclusive December Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Elaf Ajyad
    Madinah Hotel – Al Madinah Concorde
    Visa & Flights – Included
    Transport – Included

    (1 Review)
    Al Kiswah Towers Featured

    14 Nights Gold December Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Al Kiswah Towers
    Madinah Hotel – Zowar International
    Visa & Flights – Included
    Transport – Included

    (1 Review)

    5 Star December Umrah packages

    Coral Al Madinah Hotel Featured

    7 Nights Luxury December Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Hilton Makkah Convention
    Madinah Hotel – Coral Al Madinah
    Visa & Flights – Included
    Transport – Included

    (1 Review)
    Pullman ZamZam Makkah Featured

    10 Nights VIP December Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Pullman ZamZam
    Madinah Hotel – Al Eiman Royal
    Visa & Flights – Included
    Transport – Included

    (1 Review)
    Swissotel Makkah Hotel Featured

    14 Nights Supreme December Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Swissotel Makkah
    Madinah Hotel – Madinah Movenpick
    Visa & Flights – Included
    Transport – Included

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    Get Discounted Prices for Exceptional Luxury Facilities at Your Umrah in our December Umrah Packages 2020

    Umrah, a religious duty

    Umrah is a religious duty that is a dream of all the Muslims who have complete faith in Allah and His Prophet PBUH. All Muslims want to visit Allah’s home and watch the magnanimity from their own eyes. Umrah can be performed anytime in the whole year except the Hajj days. Umrah is a shortly performed in just a few hours. It involves the Tawaf of Kabba and then Saee of two mountains Safa and Marwa.

    Umrah can be traced back to the history of Hazrat Ibrahim and his Family’s love for Allah and their sacrifices. That’s why Hajj and Umrah are very close to a Muslim’s heart. A Muslim pray to stay alive to watch Kabba in Makkah and Prophet’s PBUH mosque in Madina. If a Muslim has enough money then Hajj is compulsory on him but if he doesn’t have enough money, he can even freshen up his faith and love of Allah and His Prophet by performing Umrah which is also well rewarded by Allah.

    Umrah in December Holidays

    Spending December Christmas holidays for performing the religious duty of Umrah is the best a Muslim can do in these holidays. In December all citizens of the UK get vacations from their offices, colleges, and schools. In the UK the students are charged if they take holidays.

    Hence, these December holidays can be availed by parents who want to take their children along to Saudi Arabia for Umrah. As it is winter season during the vacation, the potential pilgrim needs to take care of a few things before planning this pious trip. Firstly, the person should be perfect health-wise as Umrah involves physical activity and only healthy people can perform Umrah in the right way.

    Secondly, the person who wants to go for Umrah should be free from all his materialistic world’s commitments. Umrah is a pious trip to refresh the faith of the Muslims. Hence, the spiritual trip should be free from worldly tensions. Thirdly the potential pilgrim needs to streamline his finances as when going out of UK for a trip always involves great expenses so the person needs to have a look at his budget when he plans for the Umrah trip.

    Umrah Packages for December Holidays

    December holidays are a blessing for the citizens of the UK as the weather in Saudi Arabia is quite pleasant in December and thus this is the best time to perform Umrah. Avail these holidays to plan Umrah trip with family and friends and book Dua Travels best, affordable, and cheap December Umrah packages.

    Umrah Packages for December Holidays by Dua Travels

    Dua Travels is the most reliable operator and is ALOT approved. It has the most reasonable prices of its December Umrah packages 2020. We have affordable and cheap Umrah packages in three main categories of 3 star December Umrah packages, 4 star December Umrah packages, and 5 star December Umrah packages. Dua Travels is customer-oriented Hajj and Umrah operator and client’s satisfaction is its first priority.

    Our especial December deals has the cheap flight tickets and accommodation with the best quality service. There are many assistants and reps who help the potential pilgrim to choose the best and affordable quotes according to their needs and requirements. Hence, the client can customize the set Umrah deals by Dua Travels. Dua Travels makes the potential pilgrim stay more comfortable by providing accommodation in good hotels and also serves a wide range of UK citizens by offering airlines operating in major airports of the UK including Manchester, Birmingham, London and Blackburn.

    Flexible Schedule for your Umrah Nights

    We have designed December Umrah packages according to our customer’s needs. These packages include a minimum stay of seven days to a maximum stay of fourteen days as well. You can also adjust the number of days for your stay in the sacred cities of Saudi Arabia. If you want to stay more or less than the mentioned days in our package you can simply contact our supportive agents available for you 24/7.

    Avail the Nearest Hotel Options Under Economical Prices

    Dua Travels is a well-renowned brand name in the travel agencies of the UK for its best customer services. As our potential pilgrims are eager to perform Umrah similarly we are eager to serve them through our best services. We give you the best hotel options that are well known in hotel chains of Makkah and Madinah. You can even book our 3 star December Umrah packages to avail of our exciting offers.

    You can have great Umrah deals under economic prices to facilitate yourself and your beloved ones. The hotel options that Dua Travels provides are just about the five-minute walking distance that would be very beneficial for aged ones. If you are planning your Umrah in December Dua Travels can give you the best options and minimize your budget for Umrah packages.

    Wind Up your Year in Front of Allah (SWT)

    Every person in this world has its own preferences for his/her lifestyle. Different people wind up their years of life in different ways. Being a Muslim it would be too pleasant for anyone to wind the year of life in front of Allah (SWT) while performing Umrah. You can seek forgiveness from the Great and Merciful God and He will definitely reward you from His eternal blessings towards His creations.

    Perfect Gift for your Child

    We all especially your school going infants need a break at specific times from the daily hectic routines. Travel is the best option to relax you from worldly matters. Nothing could be more good than December Umrah packages for a Muslim family. It is a perfect trip for your child to spend his/her holidays in such a religious activity. In this way, you can also explain about Umrah and other Islamic teachings in a better way. Booking your Umrah deals in December would be a nice gift to your child from you.

    Best Holiday Memories

    Holidays are always full of pleasure and rememberable. But if you spend your holidays in traveling then it would be always great, positive, and more lasting than anything else. For a Muslim, no holiday could be more amazing than a voyage for Hajj or Umrah pilgrimage. As you can do Umrah regardless of any time frame except Hajj days.

    So you should spend your December holidays in traveling for Umrah by having a good Umrah deal. Such a religious pilgrimage will last in your mind more than any other of your journeys. You will have a lot of things to talk about after your return. You can escape from the cold weather of the UK and trade your snow for sand and boots for sandals.

    Plan Early Avail Discounts from Dua Travels

    December is the best month to plan for Umrah as you have school breaks in December. You can easily plan earlier for Umrah in December. You can get amazing discounts on December Umrah packages if you had booked with us in earlier times. Dua Travels will provide you with the best December Umrah deals with an attractive price hopefully that no one can beat that.

    You will also find cheaper prices for Umrah deals as compared to those who book Umrah packages in the last minute. You will not have to worry about your flights if you plan your Umrah prior to others. Most probably you will find your desired flight if you plan early for December Umrah. If you are planning to perform Umrah with the whole of your family let us know at 02038078646. We will provide you with the best options with exclusive discounts.

    December Umrah Packages are Cheaper

    Prices of Umrah have ups and downs in their nature for the whole of the year. The peak of Umrah packages prices that you will ever find is in Ramadan. It is when the prices go a little bit higher than usual. December Umrah packages are cheaper the same as any other holiday available for December. Booking Umrah in December will cost you less than in a peak season.

    It is also a perfect time when you actually need a break from your work to relax and the only best objective is Umrah holidays. It will also be easy for you to take off from work as residents of the UK have some vacations in December from offices. Another interesting fact is that you will not find a massive crowd performing Umrah in December.

    You can perform your Umrah with full of ease and probably at a minimum distance from the holy Kaaba. You will not have to perform Tawaf (seven rounds around the Holy Kaaba in the state of Ihram) at an elevated level. Saudi weather will also be quiet pleasant in December. Dua Travels is the most trusted travel agency for your December Umrah deals as we are always ahead to others in providing the best customer services and making their wishes of performing Umrah true.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is this Package Price Fixed ?

    This package price varies depending on the dates you’re traveling and the number of passengers. Contact us for more details.

    How can I book a Package ?

    A deposit of 60£ per person must be paid for booking the flight tickets. Contact us for further details.

    What are the available Payment Methods ?

    Bank Transfer, Credit Card & Cash Payment at our Office.

    Can I have the Package Customized to my need ?

    Yes, definitely! Dua Travels offers you the ability to customize your Packages to the tiniest details. From a private A.C. car picking you up from the airport to having Breakfast in your Bed, it’s all customizable to your needs.