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    3 Star October Umrah packages

    7 Nights Basic October Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Emaar Al Andalusia
    Madinah Hotel – Emaar Taibah
    Flights – Included
    Visa – Included

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    Exclusive Offer

    10 Nights Economy October Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Emaar Al Sultan
    Madinah Hotel – Zaha Al Madinah
    Flights – Included
    Visa – Included

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    14 Nights Standard October Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Emaar Al Khalil
    Madinah Hotel – Elaf Taiba
    Flights – Included
    Visa – Included

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    4 Star October Umrah packages

    Best Deal

    7 Nights Deluxe October Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Emaar Grand Makkah Hotel
    Madinah Hotel – Saja Al Madinah
    Flights – Included
    Visa – Included

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    10 Nights Exclusive October Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Voco Hotel Makkah
    Madinah Hotel – Emaar Elite
    Flights – Included
    Visa – Included

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    14 Nights Gold October Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Al Kiswah Towers Hotel
    Madinah Hotel – Emaar Mektan
    Flights – Included
    Visa – Included

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    5 Star October Umrah packages

    7 Nights Luxury October Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Anjum Hotel Makkah
    Madinah Hotel – Emaar Royal
    Flights – Included
    Visa – Included

    (1 Review)

    10 Nights VIP October Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Infinity Hotel Makkah
    Madinah Hotel – Anwar al Madinah Movenpick
    Flights – Included
    Visa – Included

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    Discount Offer

    14 Nights Supreme October Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Pullman Zamzam Makkah
    Madinah Hotel – Crown Plaza
    Flights – Included
    Visa – Included

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    Get Affordable October Umrah Packages 2024 From All Cities of the UK

    Umrah has been considered one of the most beneficial, peaceful, and favorite prayers for Muslims. To perform Umrah, you need to move to Makkah and perform specific tasks there. With that, there is Medina, which is the second most sacred place for Muslims. There are some other sacred places in these holy cities where Muslims go with love. Therefore, when Muslims plan to visit this place, they love to have October Umrah Packages 2024 that help them fulfill all the requirements that are believed to be completed.

    There is no specific period to perform Umrah, and you come to Makkah whenever you feel free or have time. Only in the months of Hajj, Umrah is not allowed. So, if you feel that October can be the best time to visit Makkah to perform Umrah, Dua Travels offers specially designed October Umrah Packages for all types of visitors.

    Why October Umrah Packages in 2024?

    Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Umrah was not allowed until the end of July 2023. Now, the Saudi government has opened visas for Umrah. As Umrah has not been allowed for almost a year, the pilgrims will immediately start traveling for Umrah. To all those, who are interested in Umrah but want to avoid the rush, the best time will start from September when there will be a calm and peaceful environment. So, October Umrah Packages 2024 can be the best to go to Umrah and connect yourself to Allah.

    What Temperature Will Be in October 2024?

    The most concerning point for the pilgrims of the United Kingdom is the temperature. Therefore, Dua Travels thinks that you must be informed about it if you plan to tour Makkah and Medina for Umrah. Generally, October is one of the better months to perform Umrah. However, this temperature can be difficult to manage for the European pilgrims. Generally, in October, the temperature remains between 25 degrees Celsius and 40 degrees Celsius in Makkah and between 21 and 37 degrees Celsius in Medina.

    However, when you buy 5 star Umrah Packages in 2024 from Dua Travels, you can make this temperature acceptable. It is because of the facilities that we offer to our clients under 3 Star October Umrah Packages, 4 Star October Umrah Packages, and 5 Star October Umrah Packages. Excellent air conditioning in the hotels and Harams makes this holy journey relax and comfortable.

    Dua Travels Offers A Comfortable Atmosphere to All Its Clients

    Generally, the temperature of Makkah and Medina is feasible in October. It is the best time for those who cannot afford expensive packages to avoid the temperature. This mid-season can be the most suitable to buy October Umrah Packages. Another important aspect is that you can perform umrah more conveniently this month because the temperature remains acceptable, especially after sunset.

    Choosing Your Route Is Up To You!

    Dua Travels allows you to choose direct or connecting flights according to your budget. It is because we want to make your Umrah Package for October financially feasible for you.

    With that, we also ensure that you get the best value for your money. Generally, direct flights are available from different airports of the UK to Medina and Jeddah. These direct flights save your time and make your journey comfortable. However, you can find different charges for connecting or non-stop flights. To travel from Jeddah to Makkah or Medina, you can use high-speed railways or luxury buses. In our October Umrah Packages, we have included all transport expenses to make them financially suitable for you.

    Customization Is Allowed in October Umrah Package 2024 Offered by Dua Travels

    Our 3-Star, 4-Star, and 5-Star October Umrah packages are specially designed to cater to all your needs related to Umrah in 2024. These packages have been designed by our experts at Dua Travels. We ensure by offering these packages that all pilgrims of different financial statuses can perform Umrah and satisfy them spiritually. However, we never compromise on the quality of living and traveling to our clients who visit Makkah and Medina for Umrah. With that, we also make sure that you will not face any visa or other traveling issues. We hire only well-furnished and nearest-to-the-Haram hotels that can make your whole journey satisfied and comfortable. We also try to facilitate you in such a way that you enjoy the best transport in Saudi Arabia.

    Although we have specifically designed these different Umrah packages UK, you are allowed to customize these packages according to your convenience. For example, you can change the hotel after exploring the hotels that we have provided in our list of hotels. The same is available to all our clients, but it is necessary to customize your plan before finalizing a specific package.

    Book Your October Umrah Package 2024 Now With Dua Travels!

    Dua Travels is renowned for offering cheap October Umrah Packages that are some of the best Umrah deals in the market. By choosing any of these deals, you can fulfill your dream of visiting Bait-ullah and Prophet’s Mosque and do prayers there. Currently, a limited number of pilgrims are allowed to perform Umrah due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Therefore, if you are interested, decide now and finalize your plan with Dua Travels and become a part of that particular list, who will go for Umrah by using one of the best October Umrah Packages in 2024.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is this Package Price Fixed ?

    This package price varies depending on the dates you’re traveling and the number of passengers. Contact us for more details.

    How can I book a Package ?

    A deposit of 60£ per person must be paid for booking the flight tickets. Contact us for further details.

    What are the available Payment Methods ?

    Bank Transfer, Credit Card & Cash Payment at our Office.

    Can I have the Package Customized to my need ?

    Yes, definitely! Dua Travels offers you the ability to customize your Packages to the tiniest details. From a private A.C. car picking you up from the airport to having Breakfast in your Bed, it’s all customizable to your needs.

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