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Make your Umrah Journey comfortable with custom made packages
for you and your family.At Dua Travels , we have 3, 4 and 5 star packages
ranging from 7 to 14 nights.For more five-star and cheap Umrah Packages,
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    Customize Your Umrah

    3 Star Umrah packages

    Cheap Deal

    7 Nights Basic Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Emaar Al Khalil
    Madinah Hotel – Emaar Taibah
    Flights – Included
    Visa – Included

    (1 Review)

    10 Nights Economy Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Jawharah Dar Al Eiman
    Madinah Hotel – Al Eiman Al Qibla
    Flights – Included
    Visa – Included

    (1 Review)

    14 Nights Standard Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Durrah Dar Al Eiman
    Madinah Hotel – Al Salihiya Hotel
    Flights – Included
    Visa – Included

    (1 Review)

    5 Nights Regular Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Dar Al Eiman Al Sud
    Madinah Hotel – Al Eiman Ohud
    Flights – Included
    Visa – Included

    (1 Review)

    9 Nights Budget Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Emaar Andalusia
    Madinah Hotel – Emaar Taibah
    Flights – Included
    Visa – Included

    (1 Review)
    Discount Offer

    20 Nights Silver Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Dar Al Eiman Al Khalil
    Madinah Hotel – Al Eiman Ohud
    Flights – Included
    Visa – Included

    (1 Review)

    4 Star Umrah packages

    7 Nights Deluxe Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Dar Al Eiman Ajyad
    Madinah Hotel – Al Eiman Taibah
    Flights – Included
    Visa – Included

    (1 Review)

    10 Nights Exclusive Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – M Hotel Makkah by Millennium
    Madinah Hotel – Zaha Al Madinah
    Flights – Included
    Visa – Included

    (2 Reviews)
    Best Seller

    14 Nights Gold Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Elaf Al Mashaer
    Madinah Hotel – Odst Madinah
    Flights – Included
    Visa – Included

    (1 Review)

    5 Nights Classic Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Al Kiswa Towers
    Madinah Hotel – Al Eiman Al Qibla
    Flights – Included
    Visa – Included

    (1 Review)

    9 Nights Premium Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Elaf Ajyad
    Madinah Hotel – Al Eiman Al Qibla
    Flights – Included
    Visa – Included

    (1 Review)
    Discount Offer

    20 Nights Golden Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Nawazi Watheer
    Madinah Hotel – Dar Al Eiman Al Manar
    Flights – Included
    Visa – Included

    (1 Review)

    5 Star Umrah packages

    Discount Offer

    7 Nights Luxury Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Swissotel
    Madinah Hotel – Pullman Zamzam
    Flights – Included
    Visa – Included

    (1 Review)

    10 Nights VIP Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Hilton Suites
    Madinah Hotel – Madinah Hilton
    Flights – Included
    Visa – Included

    (1 Review)

    14 Nights Supreme Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Pullman Zamzam
    Madinah Hotel – Shaza Al Madina
    Flights – Included
    Visa – Included

    (2 Reviews)
    Hot Deal

    5 Nights Ultra Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Royal Dar Al Eiman
    Madinah Hotel – Anwar Al Madinah MovenPick
    Flights – Included
    Visa – Included

    (1 Review)

    9 Nights Express Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Al Marwa Rayhaan
    Madinah Hotel – Crowne Plaza
    Flights – Included
    Visa – Included

    (2 Reviews)

    20 Nights Platinum Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Infinity Hotel
    Madinah Hotel – Anwar Al Madinah MovenPick
    Flights – Included
    Visa – Included

    (1 Review)

    Most Reliable and Cheap Umrah Packages by Dua Travels

    Are you looking to perform umrah and searching for a trustworthy Travel Agency for the Umrah packages? Dua Travels is one of the best and most trustworthy Umrah tour agents in the UK. Our packages are all-inclusive, which means including flight, visa, and hotel stay. Even transportation is provided if demanded by the client. We also arrange an umrah guide on demand who will be with the pilgrim throughout the tour.

    History and Tradition of Umrah

    Umrah is a religious duty that Muslims perform all over the world. It is a short Hajj performed throughout the year except at hajj time. It is the greatest prayer for the Muslim, and a dream comes true when he watches Allah’s home and visits all the holy places in Makkah and Madinah. The Muslim believer visits Kaaba to clean himself from all the sins.

    The umrah can be performed in a few hours, but when a person visits Allah’s home from faraway places, he wants to visit other places. So, cheap umrah packages can be of three days, five days, seven days, and 14 days tour trip depending on the number of holidays the pilgrim has and the budget he has to spend for this Islamic trip to Allah’s home.

    Significance of Umrah in Islam

    While talking about the most soul-lifting Sunnahs of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), you will find umrah at the top of the list. This spiritual worship has numerous benefits, and Muslims from all over the world come to the holy city of Makkah during the months except the days when Hajj is performed to perform umrah. Those who perform umrah get numerous benefits and rewards Allah and His Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) have promised.

    Performing umrah means forgiveness for all sins, whether big or small. If you come to Makkah only with a pure purpose, umrah helps bring happiness and peace to your life. With Cheap Umrah Packages, you can perform umrah conveniently, which means you can refresh your faith in Islam after praying for forgiveness from Almighty Allah.

    The Benefits After Completing Umrah

    Almighty Allah becomes our host, which means we are treated in a way no one on earth can do so. According to one of the Hadiths of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), “The guests of Allah are three: The Ghazi (i.e., the warrior who fights in Jihad), the Hajj (i.e. the pilgrim who performs Hajj) and the Mu’tamir (i.e. the pilgrim performing Umrah).”

    Almighty Allah grants forgiveness from all sins to all who come to Makkah to perform Umrah. With exclusive Umrah packages, you can come here any time that suits you to keep faith in Islam.

    According to a Hadith of Muhammad (PBUH), “From one Umrah to another is expiation for what comes in between, and ‘Hajj Al-Mabrur’ brings no reward less than Paradise.”

    It is also confirmed by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) that we can eradicate poverty after performing umrah. The hadith is, “Perform Hajj and Umrah consecutively; for they remove poverty and sin as bellows removes impurity from iron.”

    How to perform umrah?

    Performing umrah means you can extract spiritual benefits. However, learning how to perform umrah after getting Umrah packages UK offered by Dua Travels with all the obligations is essential. We have given a detailed guide on Umrah Guide page already. Here, we have mentioned some essential tasks to perform for completing umrah according to shariah and getting benefits:

    1. Enter into Ihram. 
      • According to Shariah, it is the state where you get the state of devotion and purity. You achieve this target after a bath and wearing a specific Ihram dress.
    2. Start reciting Talbiyah once you reach Meeqat station. 
      • It is the place from where we declare our intention to perform Umrah.
    3. Move towards Makkah.
      • Once you arrive at Makkah, you will enter the Holy Mosque and complete Tawaf. It is a specific practice in which we complete the circle around the Kaaba seven times in a counterclockwise direction.
    4. Complete Tawaf
      • Once you arrive at Makkah, you will enter the Holy Mosque and complete Tawaf. It is a specific practice in which we complete the circle around the Kaaba seven times in a counterclockwise direction.
    5. Complete Saee
      • After completing Tawaf, performing saee is another essential task. It means walking seven times between the hills of Safa and Marwa. These hills were near the Kaaba and have now become part of the Holy Mosque.
    6. Shave your head as a man.
      • Women cut a small part of their hair. It is called taqseer.

    Best Time to Perform Umrah

    As a pilgrim from the UK, you can come for umrah anytime except during Hajj days when partnering with Dua Travels for Umrah Packages. However, the best time to perform umrah is from the month of Rabi-ul-Awwal to the month of Ramadan. Moreover, visiting these holy places in better weather is an additional opportunity to perform all the tasks more conveniently. The best weather in Makkah and Medina is October, November, December, January, and February. So, visiting during these months for umrah can be the best option.

    Dua Travels is one of the most established umrah travel agents in the UK that has specialized umrah packages according to the pilgrims’ requirements. For example, if you want to utilize your Christmas holidays, we have fully-organized December Umrah Packages to help you extract the maximum benefits of these vacations. Similarly, you can utilize other holidays come around the year.

    Here, it is necessary to mention that Ramadan is the best month to perform umrah. It is because you get the opportunity to fast in these holy cities, participate in Taraaveeh prayers, and contribute more to improving your spiritual health. We offer specially-designed Ramadan Umrah packages with all the features you deserve during this spiritual journey.

    Who can Perform Umrah?

    Umrah pilgrimage is considered one of the most significant worships for the Muslims, and they love coming to these holy cities at least once in their lifetime. Moreover, they want to utilize every minute of their life properly to extract the maximum benefits. If you are one of them, it is essential to be eligible to perform umrah. Here are a few prerequisites for every Umrah pilgrim before choosing a specific Umrah Package. Here are these obligations:

    • You must be a Muslim before going for umrah.
    • You must be eligible to perform umrah to shariah. It simply means you have reached a particular age, understand how to perform umrah and extract the maximum benefits, and know the value of this sacred ritual. You can also come with your children, but only that particular umrah will be considered valid for them, which they will perform after reaching the sin at-tamiyz.
    • You must be financially good to perform Umrah.
    • You must be physically eligible to perform all tasks essential to perform umrah comfortably.

    The Requirements to Perform Umrah

    To apply for the best and most affordable umrah packages through us, you must have some suitability standards for the potential pilgrim in your mind. These are called admissibility standards. The pilgrim needs to follow these requirements.

    • Renewed and valid passport
    • A recent Medical checkup is done stand a Renewed medical certificate.
    • Renewed UK emergency travel documents are known as ETDs, as Saudi Arabia needs these documents for exit from their country.
    • Passport-size photographs.
    • Visa applications are processed by Hajj and Umrah visa service agents.
    • Non- UK passport holders must show their permanent residency in the UK.
    • The children travelling with parents must have a passport and visa. If the kid is travelling on the parents’ passport, then the photograph needs to attach and signed by some authority officer.

    All-inclusive Umrah Packages

    We ensure that you get the best visa for umrah, find the most suitable umrah flights, and choose the best hotel nearest to the haram. Moreover, we also arrange visas of your choice, provide transport and guides in the holy cities of Makkah and Medina, and arrange visits to ziarat (Not Available for all umrah packages). For that, we have a team of professionals who have designed Umrah Packages all inclusive to address every detail you may expect. They can keep an eye on all the procedures and arrangements and change them according to our client’s requirements. The client can choose from the hotels on our panel and can also tell their choice of direct and indirect flight and class.

    The assistants will help the clients get the best possible price quotes for Umrah packages they choose based on the client’s requirements. The clients can contact our umrah agency on the contact number provided, or the client can even chat with our assistants online, choose the deals, and easily book the packages online.

    Visit Visa/ Umrah Visa

    Dua Travels offers two types of visas for pilgrims coming for umrah from all cities of the UK. These visas are called visit visas and umrah visas. With visit visas, you can travel to multiple cities in Saudi Arabia, which means you can convert your Umrah trip into exploring this beautiful country. On the other hand, the Umrah visa is valid only for the holy cities of Makkah and Medina. We also arrange your visas with our Umrah packages on demand.

    Another difference between these visas is that a visit visa allows you to stay in Saudi Arabia for 90 days straight. You can enter the country multiple times with a visit visa. The limit of a visit visa is 12 months. On the other hand, the Umrah visa is valid only for 28 days, and you must travel to Saudi Arabia within 14 days after allocating the visa.

    Here, we need to mention that the citizens of the following countries can apply for a visit visa to Saudi Arabia:

    Country NameCountry NameCountry Name
    NetherlandsCyprusNew Zealand
    CroatiaNorwayCzech Republic
    San MarinoFranceSingapore
    SloveniaHungarySouth Korea
    United KingdomLatviaUnited States


    Our travel agency for Umrah packages is customer friendly and calms clients’ religious trips to their maximum. We offer Umrah package with flights from the UK to Saudi Arabia and return to the UK. The offer is for the pilgrims who apply from London, Manchester, UK, Birmingham, Bradford, and Boston.

    The airlines on our company’s panel are Saudi Airlines and those British Airlines, which have permission to enter Makkah and Madinah airports. Mainly, the following airlines have been operating between the UK and Saudi Arabia:

    • Saudi Airlines
    • British Airways
    • Pegasus Airline
    • Emirates
    • Etihad
    • Turkish Airlines
    • Middle East Airline
    • Royal Jordanian Airline
    • Lufthansa
    • Egypt Airways
    • Oman Airways

    The flight money will be included in Umrah packages money. The flight class offered by us is economy class, but the airline and class can be changed according to the client’s requirements. The changes add to the price of the package according to the requirements of packages, including flights.


    When having direct flights to umrah, you will have a single plane without changing its numbers. Moreover, you will not allow to leave the plane and leave the city after refueling. So, you do not have the option to explore the city where your plane landed. These flights reach the destination in less time, and you can reach your dream cities of Makkah and Medina within Time. So, if you are interested in getting these flights, Dua Travels includes direct flights to your Umrah Packages at your convenience.


    Indirect flights are those particular ones in which planes are landed in different locations for refueling before reaching the destination. Passengers can leave the plane and explore the specific within a time limit. So, suppose you are ready to go for umrah but also want to explore cities coming to the destination. In that case, you can ask booking for Umrah packages with indirect flights, and we will arrange these options on your behalf. More interestingly, indirect flights are comparatively cheaper, so you can make your Umrah packages more cost-efficient.


    We are one of the best tour operators who offer our clients the comfort of the best hotel rooms and stay in Makkah and Madinah. Our travel agency offers a stay in three, four, and five-star hotels in both the Holy cities of Saudi Arabia. More importantly, the hotels in both these cities are at walking distance from both harams.

    The hotels on the panel included by Dua Travels in its Umrah Packages 2024 are many some. Some of them are Dar Al Eiman and Hyatt Regency in Makkah. In Madinah, the hotels included in our panel are the Crown Hotel, Dar Al Eiman, and many better hotels. The hotel stay prices are included in the package prices. The prices also include meals in the hotel. Still, if the customer wants to bring about changes in our set packages, we will always be happy to help them.

    Here, it is necessary to mention that meals are generally not included in Umrah packages. Some five star hotels offer complementary breakfasts but many hotels do no follow this policy in Saudi Arabia. So, keep the expenses on meals must be in your mind.

    Hotels in Makkah

    Makkah is the city where Muslims come globally to perform Hajj and Umrah. It is the place where Muslims come round the clock and show their faith. Millions of Muslims gather here on Hajj and perform the obligation Allah and His Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) ordered to those eligible. It is also the holiest place for Muslims living globally because it is the birth place of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), and he started preaching from Makkah. Moreover, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) spent 13 years of Nubuwat here.

    While talking about the best hotels in Makkah, here is the list where we can arrange your accommodation upon your request:

    • Emaar Al Khalil
    • Emaar Grand
    • Durrah Dar Al Eiman
    • Emaar Al Deafah
    • Elaf Kinda Hotel
    • Anjum Makkah Hotel
    • Emaar Al Andalus
    • Al Ajyad Makkah
    • Nawaz Watheer
    • Elaf Al Mashaer
    • Al Kiswa Towers
    • Elaf Ajyad
    • Swissotel Al Maqam Makkah
    • Hilton Suites
    • Pullman Zamzam Makkah
    • Al Marwa Rayhaan by Rotana
    • Infinity Hotel
    • Shaza Makkah
    • Doubletree By Hilton

    Hotels in Madinah

    Muslims love Madinah because the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stays here. Therefore, all Muslims always visit this city when come for Umrah. Muslims believe that visiting this place and saying salaam to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is a blessing, and they must not miss it when visiting the country to perform Umrah. While talking about the hotels in Medina, here is the list of those hotels in which we can arrange your stay when buying umrah packages or even when finding only hotels in Medina:

    • Al Salihiya Hotel
    • Al Eiman Ohud
    • Emaar Taiba
    • Zowar International
    • Odst Madinah
    • Zaha Al Madinah
    • Pullman Zamzam Madinah
    • Elaf Taiba
    • Madinah Hilton
    • Saja Al Madinah
    • Crowne Plaza
    • Anwar Al Madinah
    • Taba Al Salam
    • LEADER Al Muna Kareem
    • Madinah Movenpick
    • Frontel Al Harithia
    • Dallah Taibah Hotel


    When coming for Umrah, we arrange special transport for moving between Makkah and Madinah and other destinations you want to visit. This transportation is not included in all Umrah Packages. Therefore, it is essential to ask for it if you need it. We ensure you get the best transportation services that take you to your destinations timely and keep you comfortable and relaxed inside.

    Umrah Guides

    At Dua Travels, we also arrange umrah guides to help you perform umrah with all obligations, visit all important ziarats in both the cities and learn any other necessary thing. It means you can extract the maximum spiritual benefits from visiting the most sacred places on earth. However, umrah guides are not a part of Umrah packages 2024, and you need to mention these services when discussing other details with our customer support executives.

    Ziyarat in Makkah

    Although all obligatory and compulsory practices are generally completed within Masjid Al Haram, you may also visit other holy places within your Umrah Packages. More importantly, you may also get free transportation to move to some of these places. However, it is essential to mention that these ziarats are not a part of umrah packages, and you should discuss it with our customer support executives, and he will share details with you.

    Overall, the ziyarat in Makkah are:

    • Cave of Hira
    • Jannat ul Mualla
    • Cave of Thawr
    • Jabal Al Rahmah
    • Jamarat and Mina Jamarat
    • Masjid Aisha
    • Masjid Jinn
    • Birth Place of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
    • Bir Tuwa
    • Kiswa Factory
    • Museum of the Two Holy Mosques

    Ziyarat in Madinah

    Madinah also has some spiritually-helpful places; you must visit these places with the same Umrah package if you have time and opportunity. These visits will make you spiritually- motivated, and you will start feeling fresher and more faithful than before. Dua Travels arranges these visits on demand. So, if you want to visit all or some of these places, discuss it with our customer support executives. They will share the details of these visits with you.

    We have mentioned some vital ziyarat in Madinah here:

    • Quba Mosque
    • Martyrs of Al Uhud
    • Masjid-e-Ghamama
    • Jannat ul Baqi
    • Masjid Al Jummah
    • Masjid Al Qiblatayn
    • Saqifa Garden
    • Masjid Al Jummah
    • Masjid Al Miqat
    • Dar Al Madinah Museum
    • Wadi-e-Jinn
    • The Seven Mosques

    Customizing the Umrah is Easy with Dua Travels.

    Dua Travels offers numerous umrah packages london according to your convenience and requirements. You can get all inclusive umrah packages on your demand. Moreover, these packages are also based on the days you spend in the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah. However, if you want to change any of these packages and want something different, we can customize these packages that suit you more. You only need to show your concerns about a specific Umrah package, and we will customize it per your needs and budget.

    Special Umrah Packages for Ramadan

    We all know that Ramadan is Muslims’ holiest and most sacred month. According to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), we can earn the benefits of our worship in Ramadan 70 times more than the same worship in other months. The same is in the case of umrah. Therefore, Muslims come to the holy cities of Makkah and Medina from all over the world.

    So, this gathering has become the largest gathering of Muslims after Hajj. Dua Travels has designed Ramadan Umrah Packages for UK pilgrims if they are interested in spending a few Ramadan days and extracting their life’s most valuable spiritual benefits.

    Umrah Deals for Groups and Families

    Many pilgrims love performing umrah with their families and groups of friends and family members. Dua Travels has understood the importance of Umrah deals for families and groups. It means you can apply for umrah as a family and group, and we will facilitate you accordingly. More importantly, we customize our pre-defined Umrah Packages according to your requirements. So, you can perform umrah with your loved ones and make this spiritual journey beneficial from all aspects.

    Why go with Dua Travels for Umrah?

    Dua Travels has been serving customers in the UK for over a decade. We have become one of the most trusted names in the UK that provide the most convenient and reliable Umrah services to the Muslims of the United Kingdom.

    The biggest advantage of partnering with Dua Travels is that we put maximum effort into crafting the best Umrah solutions for the pilgrims living in the UK. We also offer seasonal and Umrah holiday packages to help pilgrims utilize their free days more effectively. Dua Travels also arranges umrah honeymoon packages for new couple that will help them start their new life with maximum spiritual satisfaction.

    To examine how we have been serving, you can explore review websites like Google My Business, where most pilgrims find us the best in the market. So, if you want the best Umrah Packages at the best rates in town, you must try exploring our packages and give us a chance to serve you.

    Buy The Best Umrah Packages UK from The Most Reliable Travel Company

    We offer you a variety of cheap Umrah package. We have many options that you will not find anywhere else in the market. You can also customize the package from available ones. It is not too easy to choose from several packages.

    If you want to grab the cheapest umrah UK, Dua Travels can also adjust your seat in an organized group because you don’t have to rethink the price on a sharing basis. If there is any trust deficit, you can check reviews about us. We have also approved Hajj and Umrah agents in the UK.

    What Makes Dua Travels Unique?

    Here are a few points that make us different and unique in the market:

    • We customize our Umrah Packages according to our client’s needs. We address all their concerns, receive suggestions, and answer their questions to ensure they find no problems before, during, and after umrah. Moreover, we facilitate our clients with the most affordable umrah deals UK.
    • Our experienced team understands how to deal with the queries of the pilgrims. For that, we customize our umrah packages UK to provide the maximum facilitation.

    Here, it is necessary to mention that all Umrah packages do not have the same features. So, before finalizing a specific package, it is essential to discuss the features Dua Travels has been offering against a specific package.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Umrah

    How many days are required for Umrah?

    You can perform umrah in 2 hours. But you can choose the total number of days according to your requirements. Most popular duration are 7 days, 10 days and 14 days.

    Can I go alone for Umrah?

    Gents can go alone, but for ladies there is a restriction below 45 years ladies have to go with mahram.

    Is mahram required for Umrah?

    Yes for ladies who are below 45 years need mahram.

    Can a woman perform Umrah with an organized group?

    Yes she can, if she is above 45 years, below 45 years need mahram to travel for Umrah.

    Can we do Umrah twice in a day?

    Yes you can do. But you have to complete all rituals twice including niyah.

    Is abaya compulsory for Umrah?

    Yes for ladies abaya is compulsory

    Can a woman wear colorful abaya in Umrah?

    Hijab need to be modest and should not attract unnecessary attention. A colored Hijab may do the job, So avoid it.

    Can we wear shoes in Umrah performance?

    Yes, you can wear comfortable shoes during Umrah through which you can walk easily for Tawaf and Sa’ee

    Can I perform Umrah at night?

    Yes, you can perform umrah any time.

    How many tawafs are there in Umrah?

    Tawaf is walking around Kaaba seven times -in an explicit manner- with a particular prayer without tawaf umrah is uncompleted.

    Is there any type of Umrah?

    There is only one type of umrah which was performed by Holy Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam

    Can a woman wear make-up in Umrah?

    No, Makeup is not allowed during umrah.

    Can a woman wear jewelry in Umrah?

    It is best to wear only ornamentation that is deemed the customarily

    Can we apply ittar to ihram in Umrah?

    No, you must not apply any scent on the Ihram.

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