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Read latest news, guides and necessities about Hajj and Umrah.
Duas for Travelling

9 Duas for Travelling for a Safe Journey (Arabic & English)

Islam is a comprehensive religion that covers all spheres of life. In addition to the five obligatory prayers, Allah has commanded us to seek His blessings and guidance before undertaking...

What is Zamzam? | A Detailed Introduction

Zamzam is an Arabic word that is specified for miraculous water that is located in Makkah. The water is coming from the ‘Well of Zamzam’ that is about 20m away...
Madinah Ziyarats

Madinah Ziyarats | Remarkable Points In Madinah

Madinah is the second most sacred city after Makkah among all Muslim community of the whole world. It is located in Hijaz and is also the capital of the Al...
Umrah update 2021

Latest Umrah Updates 2021 for UK Pilgrims

Just like you, there are many pilgrims that are eager to know about the new Umrah regulations in 2021. As it has been a long time since Muslims (especially from...

Latest Umrah Update – September 2020

Finally, the wait for our potential Umrah pilgrims from all over the world is now over. Saudi Arabia has taken a great step regarding travel restrictions in the kingdom. It...
Ihram guide

What is Ihram? | A Detailed Guide You Should Know About

Ihram refers to a dedicated state only towards Allah Almighty in which every pilgrim has to enter to perform a pilgrimage. Muslims enter into the specified state by wearing two...
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