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    3 Star 7 Nights Group Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Dar Al Eiman Sud
    Madinah Hotel – Dar Al Eiman Al Nour
    Flights – Included
    Visa – Included

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    4 Star 7 Nights Group Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Al Kiswah Towers
    Madinah Hotel – Al Eiman Al Qibla
    Flights – Included
    Visa – Included

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    5 Star 7 Nights Group Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Swissotel Al Maqam
    Madinah Hotel – Crowne Plaza
    Flights – Included
    Visa – Included

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    Perform Umrah with Basic 3 Star Umrah Packages from Dua Travels

    Dua Travels, offers cheap and economical 3 star Umrah packages from UK. These 3 star packages are inclusive of everything like Visa, Transport, Flights and Hotel in Makkah and Madinah.

    Budget Umrah travel packages

    Dua Travels, provide several Umrah packages for your assistance in budget travel. Some of these packages are the budget ones, and you can get them at the minimum. You can book any available packages on our website. Dua Travels also provides you with custom packages for Umrah at very reasonable prices.

    If you need any help regarding 3 star cheap  Umrah packages, feel free to contact us at 0203 097 1507. Our professional staff is available 24/7 to help you. You can also apply for an Umrah guide if you are travelling for the first time.

    Free shuttle services at Makkah Hotels

    For the ease of our customers, Dua Travels has organized 3 star Umrah packages effectively. We put all of our efforts to provide you with the best facilities in Umrah. Free shuttle service is one of those. We have the only hotels in Makkah that offers free shuttle service 24/7.

    You can easily move between Haram and your hotel using free hotel’s shuttle services. A location will be fixed by the group taxi driver to pick all of you during Umrah. You don’t have to for taxi rentals in Umrah travel.

    Lowest walking distance in 3 star packages

    In Madinah, Dua Travels will book nearest hotels even in your 3 star packages. Dar Al Eiman Al Nour, Al Eiman Ohud Hotel, and Al Eiman Al Qibla Hotel are just at 5-6 minutes walking distance from Masjid-al-Nabwi entrance. You will be stayed in these hotels by Dua Travels in Umrah.

    If you want to travel with your aged parents, Dua Travels can facilitate you accordingly.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many days are required for Umrah?

    You can perform umrah in 2 hours. But you can choose the total number of days according to your requirements. Most popular duration are 7 days, 10 days and 14 days.

    Can I go alone for Umrah?

    Gents can go alone, but for ladies there is a restriction below 45 years ladies have to go with mahram.

    Is mahram required for Umrah?

    Yes for ladies who are below 45 years need mahram.

    Can a woman perform Umrah with an organized group?

    Yes she can, if she is above 45 years, below 45 years need mahram to travel for Umrah.

    Can we do Umrah twice in a day?

    Yes you can do. But you have to complete all rituals twice including niyah.

    Is abaya compulsory for Umrah?

    Yes for ladies abaya is compulsory

    Can a woman wear colorful abaya in Umrah?

    Hijab need to be modest and should not attract unnecessary attention. A colored Hijab may do the job, So avoid it.

    Can we wear shoes in Umrah performance?

    Yes, you can wear comfortable shoes during Umrah through which you can walk easily for Tawaf and Sa’ee

    Can I perform Umrah at night?

    Yes, you can perform umrah any time.

    How many tawafs are there in Umrah?

    Tawaf is walking around Kaaba seven times -in an explicit manner- with a particular prayer without tawaf umrah is uncompleted.

    Is there any type of Umrah?

    There is only one type of umrah which was performed by Holy Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam

    Can a woman wear make-up in Umrah?

    No, Makeup is not allowed during umrah.

    Can a woman wear jewelry in Umrah?

    It is best to wear only ornamentation that is deemed the customarily

    Can we apply ittar to ihram in Umrah?

    No, you must not apply any scent on the Ihram.

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