Dua Travels is one of the best Hajj and Umrah operators in UK.
We serve people residing in UK specially London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bradford and Boston.
We are reliable operator and offering the reasonable Hajj and Umrah packages.
We are operating 24/7 and potential pilgrim can contact us and even apply online.

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy explains regarding your personal information, It is your right to know.

Let’s have a look of the following.

  • What do we collect from you and what it is for
  • How and what purpose we use that information for
  • Security measures
  • Updated changes to our privacy statement

What do we collect and what is it for?

We will ask for your email to send you details of your acquired package details. Registering through email will update you for other flights and packages information, you can opt out anytime you wish to.

Payments will made through credit or debit card, requires card number and expiration date in order to get your booking details, hotel or car rental. All information is protected via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection.

For further contact or in urgency we would need your contact number in case you don’t response via email.

Your personal information will be stored in our personal database, only authorized staff has access to this information.

How and what purpose we use that information for?

The information we collect is stored, transferred to our suppliers for arrangements. By agreeing to our terms and policies you give us your consent to transfer this information, we do not share or sell our customer information to any third party. Like your name or other private information are secured and safe with Dua travels.

Security measures:

Our security measures ensure to protect loss, misuse or changes of information provided by customers. Under SSL privacy of the information provided by clients like flights bookings or other relevant details are secured.

Updated changes to our privacy statement

We update clients through email I case of any changes made in our privacy statement. All the personal information still remain protected ,you will have a choice to make any changes to it or not. We assure our clients complete protection of their personal information under any circumstances.