Umrah Visa

A Brief and Comprehensive Guide to Umrah Visa

Hajj is the most privileged prayer and the fifth pillar of Islam. Umrah is also a short Hajj and lasts in a few days. It refreshes the faith of a Muslim on his Allah and he performs the pious duty to wash away all the sins of his life and start a new one with new promises.

Umrah is an onetime activity and it lasts in a few hours. Umrah can be done any time in the year except when it is Hajj time. The pilgrims for Hajj and Umrah from the UK are keenly and carefully regulated for the safety of the people of the United Kingdom.

Hence, a quota system is in place with the UK ministry Hajj and Umrah have the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in which all Muslims get the equal opportunity to visit Allah’s home for Hajj and Umrah. Last year according to the Saudi Embassy in the UK, 19,000 British Muslims were sent for Hajj and Umrah can be performed by many people as no restriction on that.

Service of Our Travel Agency

Our travel agency entertains the potential pilgrim of Hajj and Umrah in the best possible way. All the passports and visas required are accepted and forwarded to the Saudi Embassy in the UK. The Saudi Embassy will process it and our travel agency will collect it for the client.

Embassy Services Regarding Umrah Tour

Whenever the potential pilgrim plan for a trip of Umrah of Kaaba, the first thing that comes in his mind is to know about the legal details that need to be fulfilled. Ministry of Hajj and Umrah is the legal body that has the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in London. It deals with legal issues like the Saudi Umrah visa application, renewal of visa, and other documents. It also gives the latest news about Saudi Arabia’s new rules 2019 and conditions related to the application of the Hajj and Umrah.

It also tells about the authorized Umrah travel agents which can give quality service and the client can rely on them. The details of the tour operators can be obtained easily and quickly online. Their helpline numbers of each approved operator is mentioned on the website of the ministry. Our company is one of the best Umrah tour service provider.

Saudi Umrah Visa Requirements

The ministry helps the potential pilgrims in fulfillment of all the legal requirements in proceeding for Hajj and Umrah. The Visa applications and renewal requests are also addressed by the Consular Section of the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in London. The Visa which the ministry gives to the concerned travel agent for the clients, who are potential pilgrims, is just for Umrah and neither for the stay in Saudi Arabia nor for the business deals.

The embassy processes the Visa without the package and the progress can be tracked with a fast track facility given by the Saudi embassy. Even in emergency situations when a potential pilgrim needs to get Umrah Visa on a quick and urgent basis, the Saudi embassy entertains the request. The Embassy after the processing time give a go to the tour agent to process the application of Umrah for the applicant.

Requirements for Visa Processing

The visa processing time can be reduced if the following requirements are fulfilled by the potential applicants in time. These requirements are communicated by the UK Ministry of Hajj and Umrah itself. (UK, 2019)

  • One application form duly completed and signed by the applicant.
  • Two passport-sized photographs.
  • The passport should be in order and valid for at least 6 months.
  • Visa applications should be dealt with only through an Umrah visa services agents.
  • A meningitis immunization certificate. (Pilgrims must have their immunization at least ten days before traveling)
  • Children aged one year and over and traveling on a parent’s passport must have their photograph affixed to the passport and endorsed by the authority concerned. Their photograph must also be affixed to the application form.
  • All women and children should be accompanied by a mahram, (husband, father, uncle, adult son, brother, or nephew). The accompanying mahram must be at least 17 years old.
  • All non-UK passport holders must have permanent residency in the UK.

Few Essential Prerequisites by the Saudi Embassy

The potential pilgrims and their selected tour operators need to keep few things in mind to give ease to the Saudi Embassy and this will be helping in removing the hurdles in the processing time and procedure by the ministry.  These prerequisites are as follows:

  • Applicants need to fill the application form very carefully and in block capitals with the black ink only.
  • For agents, the time for lodging of passports is from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. Hence, the agents need to adhere to the timings to avoid any mismanagement.
  • The processed passports need to be collected from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm from Monday to Thursday and from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm on Friday.
  • The applicants or agents need to send the Umrah application forms before the 15th of Ramadan as 15th is the last day of acceptance of the applications. For Hajj applications’ acceptance, the dates are different and given on the website of the Saudi Embassy.
  • The applicants need to read the regulations given by the Saudi Embassy in the UK ministry.
  • The Visa validity will start from the date of the issue by the ministry.
  • The Consular Section of the Saudi embassy deals with all the Hajj and Umrah request processing. They have contact numbers and helplines on their website and they welcome all the applicants to contact them for any inquiries.

UK, S. E. (2019). Visa process and requirement. London: Ministry of UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I perform Umrah on visit visa?

Yes you can perform umrah on visit visa.

What is the maximum validity of Umrah visa?

Umrah visa is valid for 30 days.

What are the eligibility criteria for Umrah visa?

Passport should be valid for at least 6 months from the date of submission of the application form.

What is the cost of Umrah visa from the UK?

Umrah visa will cost you 290 GBP or Tourist visa cost is 160 GBP (for British passport only)

Can I get Umrah visa at my own?

For umrah visa you should contact to any registered agent from umrah ministry. We are also registered so you can contact us.

Does infant also require Umrah visa?

Yes infant also need umrah visa to travel Saudi Arabia.

Can I visit Jeddah on Umrah visa?

Yes you can visit Jeddah on umrah visa.

When the Umrah visa opens after hajj?

Umrah visa opens in Muharam.

Can I get Umrah visa online?

For umrah visa you should contact to any registered agent from umrah ministry. We are also registered so you can contact us.