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Madinah Ziyarats

Madinah is the second most sacred city after Makkah among all Muslim communities worldwide. It is located in Hijaz, the capital of the Al Madinah Region of Saudi Arabia. This city is honored so much with Madinah Ziyarats because it has Masjid-al-Nabawi (the resting place of the last Prophet (PBUH)), Baqi Graveyard, Uhd Mountain, and many other sites. Holy Prophet (PBUH) migrated to Madinah from Makkah after facing torture from the disbelievers in Makkah.

It was the Muslim empire during the era of Muhammad and the four caliphs after the Prophet (PBUH). This city has many spots that you can visit in your Hajj and Umrah Packages. Non-Muslims can’t enter the central of Madinah city but this restriction doesn’t apply to the whole city. Some of the ziarats of Madinah city are summed up below:

Martyrs of Al Uhud

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The brave Muslim warriors of the battle of Uhud that were later become the martyrs are buried in the Madinah city at a specific spot. Uhud was one of the great battles between the Muslims and Non-Muslims at the time of the Prophet (PBUH). Almost 70 brave warriors of battle Uhud are resting in peace at that place.

Muslim won the first phase of war but then they were defeated by the disbelievers because some of the archers mistakenly unfollowed the commands of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Uncle of Prophet (PBUH), Hazrat Hamza (RA) also died during this war.

Jannat ul Baqi

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Jannat ul Baqi also called Baqi al-Ghardaq, the first most and the oldest Islamic cemetery. Many notable personalities from the friends and family list of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessing be upon Him) are resting in peace here.  Unfortunately, it has been demolished two times in history once in 1806 and for the second time in 1926.

The cemetery is located on the southeast side of Masjid-al-Nabawi. It is also believed among the Muslims that anyone buried there will go to Jannah on the Day of Judgment. The daughter of Prophet (PBUH), Fatima (RA) is also buried there but the exact place of her grave is disputed among the different sects of Islam.

Mount of Uhud

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This is the mount where the disbelievers of Makkah and the followers of Prophet (PBUH) with himself fought. Non-Muslims fought because they have the frustration of their humiliating defeat in the battle of Badr that was held just a year ago. Muslims used this mount to attack the Non-Muslim army arriving from Makkah.

Non-Muslims had arranged a great army to fight against the Muslims with heavy weapons. They also have a great number of camels and three commanders to lead their battle groups. All of these three commanders accept Islam later and became Muslims. It is located on the north side of Madinah and about 1077m high.

Masjid Al Qiblatayn

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This mosque is one of the oldest mosques that are present in Madinah from the time of our beloved Prophet (Peace and Blessing be Upon Him). This is the mosque where the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was ordered by Allah Almighty to change the direction of the daily prayers.

In previous times it has ‘Mihrabs’ but later it was removed and only one ‘Mihrab’ is left nowadays. One ‘Mihrab’ was facing Jerusalem and the second was facing Makkah. The ‘Mihrab’ that was facing Jerusalem was removed during the latest renovation. Its name is also related to the event of changing the direction of Kibla.

Quba Mosque

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Quba is a place located on the boundaries of the Madinah city and our Holy Prophet (Peace and Blessing be Upon Him) stayed after He (PBUH) migrated from Makkah. Abu Bakr (RA) accompanied the Holy Prophet (PBUH) at that occasion. A mosque was later established by Prophet (PBUH) at the point and this is also said to be the first and oldest mosque established in the life of Prophet (Peace and Blessing be Upon Him). This mosque is also mentioned in the Holy Quran. The mosque architecture was rebuilt in the year of 1986.

Masjid Al Jummah

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When the Holy Prophet (PBUH) left the Quba village on Friday for heading to Madinah city He (Peace and Blessing be Upon Him) offered a prayer in the village of Banu Salim bin Auf. It was the first local prayer in the village and it was a Friday prayer. After praying the Holy Prophet (Peace and Blessing be Upon Him) delivered a sermon too.

Later a mosque was established at that point that’s why the mosque is named as Masjid Al Jummah. It is said that approximately a hundred Muslims attended that Friday prayer. Some of them were the relatives of Prophet (Peace and Blessing be Upon Him).

Masjid Al Miqat

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Miqat is a point at which pilgrims enter into the state of ihram by assuming specific dress code. Any pilgrim shouldn’t pass the miqat point without assuming ihram. If someone does so then he/she have to pay the penalty according to the Islamic rules. This mosque is also a miqat point for the pilgrims arriving from Madinah city either for Hajj and Umrah. The mosque was established in the reign of Umar bin Abdul Aziz while he was serving as a governor of Madinah in the year 706-712 A.D.

Other Ziarats in the Madinah City

  • Saqifah
  • Mosque of Al-Ghamama
  • Dar Al Madinah Museum
  • Wadi E Jin
  • The Seven Mosques
  • Mosque of Al-Ghamama

These are the points that you should visit in your Hajj and Umrah journey. You can request your travel agent to add these ziarats in your Hajj and Umrah packages.

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