Dua Travels is one of the best Hajj and Umrah operators in UK.
We serve people residing in UK specially London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bradford and Boston.
We are reliable operator and offering the reasonable Hajj and Umrah packages.
We are operating 24/7 and potential pilgrim can contact us and even apply online.

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Non Shifting Hajj Packages

Best Non-Shifting Hajj 2020 Packages from UK

Luxury Hajj 2020 Non Shifting Packages

  • Flights Included (Indirect)
  • Makkah Hotel Ameera Fouad Sharbatly
  • Madinah Hotel Hayah Golden
  • Visa Included
  • Transport Included
  • Flights Included (Indirect)
  • Makkah Hotel Sahab Al Rawdah
  • Madinah Hotel WADIYAR AL MADINA 2
  • Visa Included
  • Transport Included
  • Flights Included (Indirect)
  • Makkah Hotel Al Shohada
  • Madinah Hotel Al Eiman Royal
  • Visa Included
  • Transport Included

Dua Travels provides cheapest Hajj packages 2020 from the UK

Working with a great competition of many other famous travel agencies in the UK is not that easy. But Dua Travels has always brought its position on lead by providing the best services to the Hajj pilgrims of the UK. In our Non-Shifting Hajj packages, you are provided with all of your Hajj travel necessities. All you have to do is recheck the validity of your basic documents for Hajj travel.

3 star, 4 star and 5 star Non-Shifting Hajj Packages

We have a number of variations in our non-shifting Hajj packages for the year 2020. You can choose one from the available packages that suits your budget. You will be provided with the best hotels close to the Haram to reduce the walking distance from the hotel. We have categorized the packages according to the desires of our great customers.

You may find some Hajj packages listed at a very cheap price on the internet. It is just because that they exclude flights, food or Qurbani, it may be these entire three or anyone. In our 5-star Hajj packages you are provided with the food and Qurbani for your Hajj (if you made a full payment in Ramadan). Even your Cheapest Hajj Packages include your flights of Hajj.

It is not just about Hajj packages

We always feel very proud to serve the Hajj and Umrah pilgrims because this is not only about a travel package. In fact, it is about the Holy duty of a capable Muslim. Our professional staff will guide you at each step. We are keen to serve all the pilgrims using our services.

For booking your package for Hajj 2020, keep in mind that your passport must be valid for a total of 8 months at the time of your return from Hajj. If you need any kind of help regarding documentation we are always here to answer your calls and texts.