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We serve people residing in UK specially London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bradford and Boston.
We are reliable operator and offering the reasonable Hajj and Umrah packages.
We are operating 24/7 and potential pilgrim can contact us and even apply online.

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Ramadan Umrah

Ramadan Umrah Packages

Dua Travels provides cheap packages to perform Umrah in the Holy month of Ramadan
Travel for Umrah in Ramadan with Dua Travels from UK

This is the best guide for the potential pilgrim who are planning to visit Allah’s home for the purpose of performing Umrah. Reading this content will help them know about the Ramadan Umrah packages 2020 in UK and also about Dua Travels, a renowned and reliable travel agency operating all around UK and serving people specially of UK, Manchester, Birmingham, London and Blackburn. The packages offered by Dua Travels are all inclusive which include flights, hotel accommodation and Visa. For Ramazan Umrah packages 2020, the travel guide is also included in the package who will guide the pilgrim about different places in the twin Holy cities of Makkah and Madina.

Umrah in Ramadan

Umrah is a religious obligation and a dream comes true for a Muslim as he always dreams of visiting Allah’s home. In his whole life, he listens to the stories of Allah’s blessings and Prophets and when he reaches Saudi Arabia to visit the twin cities, he visualizes all the stories in front of him. Allah rewards the pilgrim a lot and cleans his sins and increases his faith in Him. But if this act of performing Umrah is carried out in the Holy month of Ramazan, the rewards and blessings increase many folds. It is said that if a person goes for Umrah in Ramazan, his Umrah will be equivalent to Hajj. This increases the importance of performing Umrah in Ramadan.

As the trip holds so much importance, the pilgrim need to make the best choice of packages and services by a reliable travel agent who will make this trip calm and relaxed for him so that he can utilize this opportunity to clean his sins and strengthen his faith without any worries and tension of trip arrangements and other worldly concerns. For this the pilgrim needs to follow the following recommendations to avoid any mis-coordination and wrong selection of packages and tour operator.

  • As it has been mentioned before that umrah in Ramdan holds great significance so it is really important that the pilgrim makes wise decision in selection of the tour operator and the Ramadan Umrah package. The selection should not be based on the money concerns. Rather a good Umrah operator need to be selected who reliable and approved by Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in UK. This reliable operator will surely make the pious trip really calm and comfortable for the potential pilgrim. The information about the reliable operator who are offering Ramadan Umrah packages 2020 is available online and booking can be done either by calling them or even online.
  • The pilgrim need to book the Ramadan Umrah packages well before time as all people residing in UK will be trying to avail the holiday opportunity to perform Umrah in this holy month and grab the rewards from Allah. Hence, early planning and booking is the best option is to get the best packages and cheap deals of this months.
  • The pilgrim needs to compare the services and facilities among different tour operators so that he can come up with the one which suits best to the pilgrim. Also he needs to read the terms and conditions of each and every travel agent who are offering the Ramadan Umrah packages so that no confusion stay till the travel date arrives.
  • The ministry of Hajj and Umrah needs to be contacted for the legal formalities involved in this pious trip. The legal formalities and procedures are different for internal and external citizen of UK. The information can be obtained from the government website of Ministry of hajj and Umrah UK. Both types of pilgrims need to consult this website to get the details of the legal formalities involved in the procedure of going to Umrah.
  • The potential pilgrim should have few important things with them that all the Umrah operators will ask for. These are the renewed passports and documents, renewed Meningitis certificate and medically fit certificate, the photographs of the pilgrim plus if the child is travelling of parent’s visa then his photographs also attested and affixed with higher authorities, Visas processed through the ministry of Hajj and Umrah in UK, a proper application form filled and signed by the applicant and Mahram details with the Lady pilgrim.
Umrah in Ramadan 2020 by Dua Travels

Dua Travels is one of the reputed Umrah operator in UK. It is approved by the Ministry of hajj and Umrah in UK is with ALOT protection. Dua Travels is offering the best Umrah packages during Ramadan. Customer satisfaction is its first priority and mission so the packages are customised. The travel agency has the easiest booking procedure which helps the client to communicate easily with our reps and assistants who work 24/7 on telephone call and on internet through our website or by visiting the office directly in the office timings.

The clients who avail Dua Travels services once, become our permanent client. Our cheap Ramadan Umrah packages are designed by the set of very talented and experienced people and the client can even bring about changes in the packages according to their liking’s.

Dua travels is offering comfortable stay in 3-star, 4-star and 5-star luxury hotels for the Muslims living in UK. There are many certified hotels on our panel in Makkah and Madina. The client can select the beds in the rooms and the breakfast with available in the Ramadan Umrah package. Few renowned hotels are Al Kishwah Tower, Dar Al Eiman Grand, Dar Eiman Ajyad and Jawaharat Aboudi.

Dua Travels offer the best airlines and comfortable flights which will make the Umrah trip of the pilgrim beautiful and the memories will stay for long. We offer the Saudi Airline and those British Airlines those have permit to enter the land of Saudi Arabia. The airports used for Umrah flights by these airlines are Manchester Airport, Birmingham Airport, London Hitherto Airport and Blackburn Airport. The flights offered are indirect flights. The packages include the price of the whole trip that is with return ticket.

Ramadan Umrah Packages 2020 all-inclusive

Dua Travels is offering the Umrah package during Ramadan which is all inclusive. This means that the package includes the price of the airlines with return ticket, hotel accommodation with the breakfast, Visa and the tour guide which is also provided in group Umrah packages by our travel agency. The Ramadan Umrah packages include the 7 days, 10 days and 14 days Umrah packages in Ramadan holidays. These also include the Visa facility, flights, guide and hotel stay in Makkah and Madinah. The Ramadan packages can also be availed for the first 10 days, middle 10 days or the last 10 days of Ramadan. The choice of the selection of the days is left on the potential pilgrim. Few wants to avail the first to avoid the rush in Makkah and few have their own preferences to visit in last 10 days of Ramadan keeping in mind that the important blessed taak nights come in last 10 days of Ramadan so the rewards will get many folds in these nights. Hence, we always welcome the customization of our packages according to the wish of our client.