Umrah Packages 2025

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    Umrah Packages 2025

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    10 Nights Economy 2025 Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Nada Al Deaafah
    Madinah Hotel – Dar Al Eiman Al Nour
    Flights – Included
    Visa – Included

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    10 Nights Exclusive 2025 Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Elaf Al Mashaer
    Madinah Hotel – Saja Al Madinah
    Flights – Included
    Visa – Included

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    10 Nights VIP 2025 Umrah Package


    Makkah Hotel – Swissotel Makkah
    Madinah Hotel – Anwar Al Madinah Movenpick
    Flights – Included
    Visa – Included

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    Valuable Umrah Packages 2025 for the Residents of UK

    Dua Travels has been serving the Muslims of the UK for more than a decade now. We have expertise in providing you Umrah and Hajj services according to their budget and living requirements. Within a decade, we have developed a reputation in the UK that people have trust and faith in our services. We are among the top 5 Hajj and Umrah service providers because we have qualified staff, extensive knowledge of Hajj and Umrah traveling, and some of the best hotels on our list. Therefore, we recommend you partnering with Dua Travels to search for the best Umrah Packages 2025.

    We are just a one-call away from you. So, if you are interested, get connected with us. You can also send us an email with all your requirements. We can prepare a special plan for you according to your requirements. However, we assure you that our Umrah Packages 2025 are the best to provide you the best Umrah services under your budget.

    What do Dua Travels offer for Umrah pilgrims in Umrah Packages 2025?

    By buying our cheap Umrah Packages 2025, you have the opportunity to some of the finest hotels in Makkah and Medina. These Umrah packages are divided into three categories, which are 3-Star, 4-Star, and 5-Star Umrah Packages. You can avail of these packages from all over the UK, whether you are in Edinburgh, Heathrow London, Birmingham, Manchester, etc.

    We also assure at Dua Travels that we engage only world-class airlines to provide an excellent traveling experience at the most affordable rates. We use only Saudi Arabian Airlines, Emirates Airlines, British Airways, Etihad Airways, Egypt Airlines, and Turkish Airlines. Here, it is necessary to mention that visa fee is also included in these packages offered by Dua Travels.

    Most Satisfactory and Cheapest Umrah Packages 2025 from the UK 

    Whether you are searching for economy Umrah packages or finding it difficult to choose the most luxurious 5 star Umrah packages, at Dua Travels, we can manage both types of your holy journey effectively and efficiently. Dua Travels has a list of hotels that you can choose according to your budget and comfort requirements. With that, we have designed our Umrah Package 2025 in such a way that everyone can get the opportunity to visit these holy cities and pray for the Ummah.

    It is because both the holy cities have been closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, it is time when everyone is bitterly waiting to go to these holy cities and ask for blessings and forgiveness from Almighty Allah. Dua Travels understands the value of this time for the Muslims. Therefore, our experts have designed Umrah 2025 Packages according to the financial statuses of Umrah pilgrims. 

    At Dua Travels, we have crafted specially designed Umrah Packages for individuals, couples, families, or groups of friends. These packages are divided into different categories to address the requirement of all pilgrims with different incomes.

    More importantly, we have mentioned all the hotels in Makkah and Medina with distances from both Harams to show our commitment to providing you the best facilities during Umrah. With that, we also allow you to customize your packages according to your requirement. In this way, you can change the hotel, flight, or anything that you want. However, you are allowed to do so before we confirm all the details for you.

    Get the most suitable 2025 Umrah Packages from Dua Travels

    Umrah is one of the most prestigious ibadah in Islam, and Muslims love to perform Hajj once in their lifetime and Umrah when they get the opportunity. However, this opportunity is quite expensive even for those Muslims who live in the UK. Dua Travels understands it. Therefore, we have designed many Umrah Packages for 2025, which start from a very low price, and you can buy even luxurious Umrah packages at some amazing rates. We have also designed special group Umrah packages for budget customers, families, and ladies-only Umrah packages for 2025. Here, it is also necessary to mention that our agents spend hours in Saudi Arabia to develop these packages. They also perform a comparative analysis while booking hotels and air flights. After that, they choose the best Umrah Package 2025 for you. 

    The cheapest Umrah tickets from the UK at Dua Travels

    To become a good Muslim, purify your soul, and win the blessings of Allah, the best thing is to perform Umrah. We Muslims love Umrah because it is the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Additionally, we can also visit the most beautiful, according to us that is Medina, Prophet’s Mosque, and the Holy Tomb. Nothing can provide us a better feeling than visiting these most beautiful places on earth.

    Factually, before the Covid-19 Pandemic, hundreds of flights monthly between the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia had been taking passengers from one side to another. Since the coronavirus, the system has been blocked for almost a year and a half. Now, Umrah deals are open for visitors to Saudi Arabia. Mostly, the Muslims apply for September Umrah. However, some also come on visit visas to Saudi Arabia, and out of them, Muslims go for Umrah. Some non-Muslims also visit Riyadh, Jeddah, and other places, but they do not visit Makkah and Medina. 

    Based on our experience of more than ten years in Hajj and Umrah, Dua Travels has developed some of the most suitable connections with some flying experts and airlines. Mainly, we use British Airways, Saudi Airlines, Emirates, Etihad Air, British Air, and Lufthansa. However, it does not mean that we do not work with other airlines, but we prefer the above-described airlines even when other cheapest airlines are available. Our flights to Saudi Arabia are conducted from all major airports of the UK, like Heathrow, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, and many other cities.

    Do you still have some concerns, queries, suggestions, or feedback, please call us now or send an email. We assure you that we will get you back within 24 hours. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many days are required for Umrah?

    You can perform umrah in 2 hours. But you can choose the total number of days according to your requirements. Most popular duration are 7 days, 10 days and 14 days.

    Can I go alone for Umrah?

    Gents can go alone, but for ladies there is a restriction below 45 years ladies have to go with mahram.

    Is mahram required for Umrah?

    Yes for ladies who are below 45 years need mahram.

    Can a woman perform Umrah with an organized group?

    Yes she can, if she is above 45 years, below 45 years need mahram to travel for Umrah.

    Can we do Umrah twice in a day?

    Yes you can do. But you have to complete all rituals twice including niyah.

    Is abaya compulsory for Umrah?

    Yes for ladies abaya is compulsory

    Can a woman wear colorful abaya in Umrah?

    Hijab need to be modest and should not attract unnecessary attention. A colored Hijab may do the job, So avoid it.

    Can we wear shoes in Umrah performance?

    Yes, you can wear comfortable shoes during Umrah through which you can walk easily for Tawaf and Sa’ee

    Can I perform Umrah at night?

    Yes, you can perform umrah any time.

    How many tawafs are there in Umrah?

    Tawaf is walking around Kaaba seven times -in an explicit manner- with a particular prayer without tawaf umrah is uncompleted.

    Is there any type of Umrah?

    There is only one type of umrah which was performed by Holy Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam

    Can a woman wear make-up in Umrah?

    No, Makeup is not allowed during umrah.

    Can a woman wear jewelry in Umrah?

    It is best to wear only ornamentation that is deemed the customarily

    Can we apply ittar to ihram in Umrah?

    No, you must not apply any scent on the Ihram.

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